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What is Zakat?

The Islamic faith is guided by 5 core pillars – declaration of faith (shahadah), 5 daily prayers (salah), annual obligatory charity of 2.5% of wealth (zakat), fasting during Ramadan and the lifetime pilgrimage of Hajj.

From its Arabic origin, the word ‘Zakat’ means blessing, growth, and purification. Very much like the plant, which grows back stronger and healthier following being trimmed, our own wealth is purified and blessed through giving to others.

In Islamic literature, Zakat is mentioned as the obligatory charity which is established to help the needy, poor and destitute. This means that it is not just about providing short-term relief. Your Zakat has the power to change lives.

Figuring out how to calculate Zakat, how to pay and where to donate your Zakat can get confusing, which is why we’ve made this Zakat calculator online, and guide to Zakat to help you.

With Penny Appeal, your Zakat donations are making a BIG difference around the world; sending children to school, providing life-saving support during emergencies, giving clean and safe water to communities, supporting eye care operations in remote communities, helping save mothers’ and babies’ lives during childbirth and providing food to those who otherwise would have none.

Who has to pay Zakat?

Zakat is obligatory for every sane, muslim adult who owns above a specific amount of wealth. By this definition, children, those who are mentally unstable, and those who do not meet the minimum threshold do not need to pay Zakat.

How much is Zakat?

The minimum threshold – or Nisab - varies each year, but is broadly understood to be the equivalent of either 87.48 grams of gold, or of 612.36 grams of silver. In many modern societies, the Nisab is considered to be the poverty line – so if you live above the poverty line, you need to pay Zakat. Your personal home, furniture, cars, food and clothing do not contribute to the minimum threshold amount. Find out more about how to calculate zakat.

How to Calculate Zakat

Figuring out exactly how to calculate Zakat which you need to pay can get a bit confusing.

So, Penny Appeal have developed a super simple and easy-to-use Zakat calculator, which does all the hard work for you! Just head over to our calculator, take a look and find out how to calculate Zakat.

You don’t have to pay your Zakat all at once, which means you can choose to spread out your payments throughout the year using direct debits or otherwise.

Donate your Zakat to Penny Appeal

Penny Appeal has a 100% Zakat policy. This means that every single penny of your Zakat donation will go directly to those who need it most, 100% of the time – and so you’ll reap 100% of the reward every single time.

At Penny Appeal, your donations go a long way. Our way of doing things is simple – we use your small change to make a BIG difference. See how your Zakat is saving lives across the globe.

Current Value of Nisab

Gold £2950.19 Silver £220.28

Guidance on weight

Nisab in tola = 7.5 tola

Read more about tola in our About Zakat section.

Donate your Zakat with Penny Appeal and give 100% of your Zakat to those in desperate need.

Sponsor an orphan and provide everything they need for a happy childhood and a brighter future.

Build a well and provide safe water for drinking, washing and watering crops.

Provide nutritious meals to orphans, widows and the elderly